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  • Bedford Christian Academy is one of only a few
    Christian Montessori Preschools in the country!
  • Student centered academic preschool offering individualized
    opportunities to foster your child's creativity and curiosity for learning!
  • Extended hours to accommodate your busy schedule!
  • Amazing programs for children 6 weeks - After-School Age (12)
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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy of Early Childhood Education includes Montessori methods and materials, Spanish, and sign language. We also blend in a weekly Bible focus!

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This exciting programs enrich your child’s learning experience through educational, social, and recreational activities.

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“Our family has been truly blessed by our experience with Bedford Christian Academy! The love and attention that [my child] receives while in their care provides a piece of mind that is priceless.”

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| Michael Tasner

Helping Children
Discover the Joy of Learning!

Bedford Christian Academy & Montessori Preschool offers an outstanding comprehensive program which is developmentally appropriate for individual age groups. We offer an eclectic approach to our program electing to use the very best aspects of various curriculum and educational methods available.

Child Care in Bedford Tx

Learning, growing, playing–and so much more!

We are committed to providing programs where students learn how to learn.  Our experienced teachers function in their role as guides for each student. The student experiences an incredible amount of flexibility within the specific programs for activities.

In our classrooms, we use a combination curriculum that teaches to the whole child.  Our program is structured so that each student focuses on one specific skill through an assortment of activities and is introduced to more difficult material after successfully mastering the current level.

This approach helps students develop an extremely solid foundation in the “basics” or concrete skills and ensures that they are developmentally ready to move on with more abstract concepts. This procedure prevents the student from “falling through the cracks” in the all important skills of reading, language, and math due to missing a crucial step in the process and ensures success with these subjects.

Montessori Preschool

Our fun filled playground helps your child enjoy being outdoors!

Teachers evaluate each student and develop an individual learning plan for each to follow according to the student’s interests and skills. This amazing process creates a learner who loves to learn.  The student experiences success from early on and this encourages the learner to aim higher and reach out to learn even more.

Outdoor learning can be a great extension of classroom learning. Children gather much of their information through their senses. While outside, they are able to experience different sights, smells and sounds. They feel different sensations on their skin.

Even our youngest infants enjoy strolling around outside. Outdoor learning provides direct contact with the natural world and is a powerful learning experience. Children are able to expand their physical development as well.

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Bedford Christian Academy & Montessori Preschool 

Helping Children Discover the Joy of Learning