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Our Philosophy of Early Childhood Education includes Montessori methods and materials, Spanish, and sign language. We also blend in a weekly Bible focus!

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This exciting programs enrich your child’s learning experience through educational, social, and recreational activities.

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“Our family has been truly blessed by our experience with Bedford Christian Academy! The love and attention that [my child] receives while in their care provides a piece of mind that is priceless.”

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About Montessori

| Michael Tasner

What is Montessori?

Bedford Christian Academy

“Hands-on” learning helps your child shine!

Montessori is a teaching method developed by Dr. Maria Montessori in the late 19th Century. Dr. Montessori was the first woman to study medicine officially at the university level during this time period.

She won the Nobel Peace Prize two years in a row for her teaching methods and success in reaching children who were considered unable to learn.

Montessori’s method is based on recognizing that each individual child is special. She concluded that children learn through using their senses interacting with their environment. It was in Rome that she founded the first Casa dei Bambini, or “Children’s House”.

What ultimately became the Montessori Method of education developed there, based upon Montessori’s scientific observations of these children’s almost effortless ability to absorb knowledge from their surroundings, as well as their tireless interest in manipulating materials.

Every piece of equipment, every exercise, every method Montessori developed was based on what she observed children doing “naturally”, by themselves, unassisted by adults. Children teach themselves. This simple but profound truth inspired Montessori’s lifelong pursuit of educational reform, methodology, psychology, teaching, and teacher training — all based on her dedication to furthering the self-creating process of the child.

At Bedford Christian Academy we embrace the Montessori Method, incorporating Montessori techniques and materials, along with Christian values and teachings, into our customized educational program. We advocate an approach which fosters an appreciation of each being’s unique contribution.

Montessori Method

“Traditional” Education

Prepared kinesthetic materials, specially developed reference materials • Textbooks, pencil and paper, worksheets and dittos
• Working and learning matched to the social development of the child • Working and learning without emphasis on social development
• Unified, internationally developed curriculum • Narrow, unit-driven curriculum
• Integrated subjects and learning based on developmental psychology • Individual subjects
• Uninterrupted work cycles • Block time, period lessons
• Multi-age classrooms • Single-grade classrooms
• Students active, talking, with periods of spontaneous quiet, freedom to move • Students passive, quiet, in desks
• School meets needs of students • Students fit mold of school
• Special help comes to students • Students leave for special help
• Process-focused assessment, skills checklists, mastery benchmarks • Product-focused report cards

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