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Our Philosophy of Early Childhood Education includes Montessori methods and materials, Spanish, and sign language. We also blend in a weekly Bible focus!
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This exciting programs enrich your child’s learning experience through educational, social, and recreational activities.
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"Our family has been truly blessed by our experience with Bedford Christian Academy! The love and attention that [my child] receives while in their care provides a piece of mind that is priceless."
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| Bedford Christian Academy

*My experience with Bedford Christian Academy and Montessori Preschool (all the teachers and staff) has been amazing! Prior to coming to BCAMP my 4 ½ year old son had been attending a child development center since he was 3 months old. Once he turned 4 it seemed like I was getting calls from the childcare center everyday regarding his behavior. I was at a loss and had no idea where this was coming from. An associate of mine recommended I take a look at Bedford Christian Academy. From the moment I walked in for the tour I felt so comfortable and welcomed. My son was very shy at first and did not want to stay. By the time the tour was over he didn’t want to leave. It was so refreshing hearing the way the teachers and staff spoke about the kids. It was very comforting to hear my son’s soon to be teacher explained to me that they never say a child is “bad” instead they understand that children have feelings and emotions just like adults and sometimes they act out because they don’t know what they are feeling. The BCAMP staff is willing to put the time and effort into helping your child work through their emotions and figure out a solution. My son’s behavior is like NIGHT AND DAY. He has matured so much since being in Bedford Christian Academy. Family and friends of mine have commented on the huge change! I can’t take credit for the change, it’s totally the teachers and staff at BCAMP. It’s amazing all he has learned….reading, sign language, Spanish. I just could not be more pleased or impressed!!

Thanks BCAMP!!

*It’s been great knowing that our little girl is in such great hands with the staff at Bedford Christian Academy & Montessori Preschool for almost two years now. These are some of the most caring and professional individuals. They are passionate about what they do and that makes all of the difference. Great people doing what they love have helped our princess excel in early education and social skills. At the age of 4, she has learned sign language, Spanish, writing her name and a few small words, and is beginning to read! We are blessed to have Bedford Christian Academy!
~Christina Lynn Eschbacher

*My daughter and I recently moved back to Texas, and we left a daycare that we both loved. ‘Shopping’ for a new place where your most priceless treasure will spend such a LARGE portion of time is one of the hardest things a parent can do. I remember there were a whole lot of tears during the process for mommy. I am a single parent so child care is the only option for me. I sincerely spent time in prayer asking my father to guide me. My daughter and I probably visited 12 centers and when we entered Bedford Christian Academy we both felt as ease. Sandy has been a joy to work with. She has as much patience with me mommy that she does with my little one. We have had some learning bumps along the way, phases that are NOT avoidable with toddlers, and the staff always had a very good response and plan of action with ‘nipping it in the bud’ so to speak. My little one feels loved. Important, treasured, equipped and inspired by those in this school. I have seen her excel tremendously with her verbal communication, social integration and confidence. When we get on our knees to pray at night almost every time she prays for Ms. Fishhh (Ms. Fish), Ms. Sandy, Ms. Befanie (Ms. Stephanie) and Ms. Jodie. These ladies, among others at BCAMP, mean a whole lot to that 2 year old!

*My four year-old has attended Bedford Christian Academy & Montessori Preschool since he was two. When I drop him off in the mornings, he is always welcomed by teachers and staff and I always feel comfortable that he is safe and well cared for while my husband and I are at work. He enjoys his time at school and has made many friends. When I pick him up from school, he is usually working on centers which are fun and educational activities. Since he in the pre-K class, he has learned at an exponential rate. BCAMP sends home a modest amount of homework, which allows us to see what they are working on at school and how much he knows. At four years old with another year left before he can start kindergarten, he knows and can write all of his letters and numbers. He also knows the sounds of letters and is beginning to sound out words. He is learning some Spanish and sign language too. BCAMP has high standards for their staff and their students and it is not just a daycare. They provide a safe and nurturing environment for children to play and learn, and I would recommend them to anyone who asked.
Thank you for taking such good care of my boy!

*My son and daughter have attended Bedford Christian Academy for over a year. Compared to other preschools, BCAMP is definitely the best! The staff provides a very loving and nurturing environment for them while developing their social skills and confidence and preparing them for Kindergarten. My son started kindergarten this year, and he is very confident from the skills he learned at BCAMP. I know my daughter will also be ahead of the game, when she starts kindergarten next fall.
Thanks BCAMP!!!
~Juan & Erika

*Gunner’s daycare is the best peace of mind a parent can have. After doing some extensive searching for a quality daycare provider Bedford Christian Academy was a breath of fresh air. I can go to work with full confidence that my son is in a caring, safe, educational and very fun environment. That peace of mind is Priceless! We appreciate BCAMP and their staff very much!

*My child is 10 and has been attending Bedford Christian Academy (BCAMP) since she was 18 months old. It is evident that the teachers and staff who work at BCAMP truly care for children. I am grateful for the compassionate care that she receives there.