Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy of Early Childhood Education includes Montessori methods and materials, Spanish, and sign language. We also blend in a weekly Bible focus!

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This exciting programs enrich your child’s learning experience through educational, social, and recreational activities.

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“Our family has been truly blessed by our experience with Bedford Christian Academy! The love and attention that [my child] receives while in their care provides a piece of mind that is priceless.”

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Toddler Program

| Michael Tasner
Bedford Christian Academy & Montessori Preschool

Toddlers are terrific!

The Toddler Program at Bedford Christian Academy is a comprehensive program set to teach the whole child. 

This program allows your toddlers the opportunity to independently explore their environment safely and learn to make their own choices. Our trained teachers act as guides for toddlers using fun and stimulating activities that create a nice balance between learning time and play.

We continually monitor the development levels of each child to ensure that the materials in the classroom meet their individual needs. Classrooms are designed for the continuous movement and growth of our toddlers. Wide open spaces and cozy corners create a comfortable, spacious learning environment.

Here at Bedford Christian Academy, we understand that toddlers are curious and active. We want to allow them the space to explore and experiment all while creating a safe and stimulating environment in which to do so. Children are encouraged to make their own simple choices, which gives the the opportunity to test out their independence. This gives them a new found self assurance that allows them to be much more confident little learners!

Bedford Christian Academy

Friends and smiles!

For optimum language development, books with big, bright, and colorful pictures are read frequently to the children. Spanish and sign language are also important parts of every toddler school day.

We work to create an atmosphere where your toddler’s abundant energy can be channeled into positive learning experiences. Group activities and individual activities are created throughout each day so every child is able to be engaged and excited about their experiences here at BCAMP.

Also, fun lyrical and slow instrumental music is played throughout the day to create a fun and engaging atmosphere for your child. Music has a great effect on the moods of toddlers. It has the ability to calm them, energize them, and even motivate them to cooperate.

Music has also been shown to help build cognitive skills and enhance the ability for a child to learn. Also, it just makes learning much more fun! Singing songs is a great bonding experience for toddlers and their teachers, so singing is a major part of the curriculum here at Bedford Christian Academy and Montessori Preschool.

Some areas of focus are:

  • Music – Instrumental and Lyrical for Language Development
  • Language – Including Spanish and Sign Language
  • Fine Motor
  • Gross Motor
  • Social/Emotional – Teacher/Child and Child/Child Interaction
  • Sensory Exploration
  • Outdoor Learning- Learning About The Natural World
  • Art

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